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Colour: Earth or Slate

Label colour: Earth

Size: 4.5"H X 7.5"W

1 TABITHA + CO™ Complimentary Key Chain

1 Solid Brass Zipper


*Leather shades vary

*For all of your travelling essentials

*Consider adding a TABITHA + CO™ Leather Conditioner with your purchase.


Mindfully Made™ leather products that have been made, one at a time.


Leather Conditioner

Handmade & 100% Natural

Mindfully Made™with almond oil, coconut oil & Nova Scotia beeswax


CONDITIONER helps to RESTORE leather's original softness, PRESERVE its look and EXTEND its life.


APPLICATION: Apply a small amount to a clean surface in a circular motion with a clean lint-free cloth, allow to dry.

Buff the area lightly with a clean soft cloth. May darken the leather, always test in a discrete area first.


Product of Canada

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