About Craft Nova Scotia & The Designer Craft Shop

The Craft Nova Scotia Designer Craft Shop offers a wonderful array of handcrafted and unique items.

Shopping locally not only supports artisans and small businesses but also contributes to the uniqueness and diversity of your community. Shopping at the Craft Nova Scotia Designer Craft Shop is a treasure trove of unique, locally crafted items.

Find the Perfect Gift!

Finding a gift that tells a story can be incredibly meaningful. Supporting local artists and craftspeople adds an extra layer of significance to a purchase. Here are a few unique  ideas that often come with a story or personal touch:

  1. Handcrafted Jewelry: Local artisans often infuse their creations with personal narratives or cultural elements. A piece of handmade jewelry, like a necklace or earrings, might carry a story inspired by the artist's experiences or heritage.

  2. Artwork or Prints: Paintings, prints, or even photography from local artists often reflect their perspectives, inspirations, or stories. They can add a unique touch to a living space and provide ongoing enjoyment.

  3. Textiles: Whether it's a cozy hat, mittens or a set of table linens, textiles often carry the craftsmanship and unique style of the artisan who created them.

  4. Ceramics: Functional or decorative ceramics can embody a narrative through their design and the artist's creative process. Items like mugs, bowls, or vases might come with stories about their creation.

  5. Handmade Crafts: Consider items like handcrafted skin care products, and intricately designed fused glass works or unique stationery crafted by local artisans. Each piece could have its own story behind its creation

Shopping from the Craft Nova Scotia Designer Craft Shop's collection could offer a wide range of heartfelt and meaningful items.