Earthings (earrings)

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Made from reclaimed watch parts, surplus hardware and surgical steel wire.

Artist's Description:
"Created from re-purposed watch parts and industrial fittings. In the old days, tiny gears would spin on slices of jewels (jewel movements) and keep time in a small mechanism you would wear on your wrist. These are created from industrial fittings and watch components. Mismatched, one-offs as they are mostly reclaimed materials. Hypoallergenic wires".

Artist Statement:
"Mad invention, re-invention, random chance, inspiration...objects tell stories. As a metal oddment artist, I have been visiting auction houses, yard sales, surplus dealers, finding and gathering urban flotsam for about fifteen years, slowly building up a large “palette” of industrial fittings and generally odd “high tech junk”. I look for circular shapes and highly crafted components and often the pieces I come across dictate the direction of the sculpture. I get to be an artist, antique dealer, and packrat all in the same occupation".

K Maclean

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